You Were Created to Live an Extraordinary Life…


Lisa McCardle

Intuitive . Channel . Spiritual Teacher

Never before in the history of humankind has there been a more potent time to rise up, say yes, and Awaken to your ultimate potential.

As you Awaken, your innate wisdom, clearest vision, greatest intuition, deepest desires, and soul’s mission at once come alive within you.

All of this is so you can BE the change that is called forth now and live as your greatest contribution, while serving and being served at your highest level. 


“What is this precious love and laughter budding in our hearts? It is the glorious sound of a soul waking up!”




Lisa’s sessions are pure gifts. She accurately delivers ways to tap into your own inner guidance and gracefully assists with wisdom and insight when needed by delivering truth and guidance. Her insights elevate and inspire you to live a more abundant, authentic, and joyful life.
— Lauren Roxburgh (Best Selling Author/Wellness Educator/Body Whisperer)

Lisa gets right to the root of any issue. She has an intense and magical way of creating an inner shift which helps to lift you to another place while giving you the tools to get yourself there as well.
— Peyton Wilson (Filmmaker)

Working with Lisa has been one of the most life-changing decisions of my life. I was led to her at a time when my spirit was opening up and I needed experienced, insightful mentoring and healing along my path.
Each session with Lisa has helped me clarify, heal and propel my life spiritually, professionally and relationally. She is available, genuine, compassionate and extremely intuitive.
Lisa is the top in her field, and I am eternally grateful that the Universe brought us together.
— Dr. Karin Luise (Award Winning Author/Intuitive Therapist/Speaker)